It’s Getting Dry in Here. Week 1

It has been one week since I hung up my peppermint and basil to dry. I’m surprised by how quickly my peppermint has dried out. I think that if I were to pinch a leaf it would crumble off so I might not dry it out for three full weeks. My basil on the other hand still has a good amount of moisture in it. I thought there would be a strong, lovely earthy smell but nada. Oh well. One week down and two more to go!

I am drying out my beautiful plants to make tea and incense! Adding peppermint to tea is beneficial for your immune system, digestion, and overall relaxation. Peppermint tea is a great way to kick start the day. I was surprised that basil could be added to tea but I learned that it is a great way to keep your lady cycle happy and healthy!

As incense, burning peppermint at the end of a stressful day is a good way to unwind. Also, many metaphysical believers burn peppermint and basil as a way to attract good fortune into your life… I have college debt so I’d like to attract as much green as I possibly can $$$20160906_154034


O.K. Plants are Cool.


How to Grow a Planet

This short series was really interesting. Host Iain Stewart and Directors Nigel Walk and Nick Shoolingin- Jordan shine a new light on a topic everyone learns about in school yet it turns out, we know very little about: plant evolution. Stewart made the show come alive with his passion for evolutionary science. It was his humble interest in the subject that really captured me; he made a subject that could have easily been mind-numbingly boring, into something wildly beautiful. And of course the video footage was stunning, it made me see Earth in a whole new way.

After watching this documentary I understand that plants really do drive everything. How to Grow a Planet did an excellent job at tying together plants unique evolutionary adaptations with peculiar examples that made me understand the wider significance of plants awesome functions and impacts. From microscopic bacteria in the ocean to the grass in our backyard, all these plants have driven evolution in hidden ways. I think that’s pretty badass. Plants are Earth’s invisible builders and her protectors. Neat. Makes me think about how many plants our industries kill…

I can’t completely relate the cool science behind it all, you need to watch the documentary to understand all the awesome ways plants have driven the evolution of Earth.

It’s on Netflix(: