My Week Without Booze

One week down and I’m still here. I feel great actually. I ended up kicking it at the home front over the weekend with some friends and it was a relief to stay in my fat lady pants. I feel like I have a little bit more energy and a clear mind. I went on a little hike over the weekend and felt like I had the energy to keep on going. Whether that was the week without booze or the pompous amount of sleep I got over the weekend, who knows.

I feel a bit more in control of my anxiety, which is usually a struggle for me. My anxiety has been especially bad this month because of relationship issues. This was the main reason why I wanted a break from drinking- to give myself more control over my anxiety.

I didn’t miss hitting the bars with my friends and wasn’t really tempted to drink over the weekend. My only weak moment was last night. After breaking up with my boyfriend I thought, “man I could use a drink and a cheeseburger.” But I settled for the hot bath instead.

Even though I didn’t spend money on alcohol, the gremlin in me spent just as much (if not more) on food this weekend. I ate out a lot. Every night. Ouch. Food has always been a comfort to me, hell food is always there for you right? But as I am working on my anxiety I am also working to control some of my other bad habits such as overeating.

It’s been just over a week and I am looking forward to another week of no alcohol. I would like to keep this abstinence going for much longer but I will get two weeks first.

I usually roll my eyes at the quotes on my Yogi teabags, but I actually liked the one I received this morning, “Your potential self is infinite.” It was just a little something to keep me inspired to be the best version of me I can, even through the hard times.


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