Yoga Challenge

I quickly fell in love with yoga. The weightless, relaxing feeling yoga gives me has the power to change my entire week. However, starting my own practice has been hard. Mainly because I lack motivation. I don’t know enough about yoga to start my own practice. The yoga classes at my university gym are inconvenient and don’t feel intimate enough. The oversaturation of yoga “fitness” books on the market was not what I was looking for either. I wanted to find something I can connect to.

Somehow I came across a YouTube channel dedicated to yoga, Yoga With Adrienne. She could have gotten a little more creative with the name, I know. However, her teaching style is perfect for me; she doesn’t expect everyone to be an expert. Plus she makes some terrible puns that I actually enjoy. Adrienne has a 30 day yoga challenge and after watching a few of her videos I decided stumbling across her channel was a sign; to pick my butt up and get serious about developing my own practice.


My hopes for the challenge are to develop discipline; we can all be more proactive about our health, especially me (the cheeseburger problem is real). My plan is to wake up early and do the challenge before I start my day, this will kick me into gear to tackle the day and get more done. My mornings have become the most special time of day; I sip my tea, I read some interesting articles, check out my horoscope, and get some work done. It has become a ritual and I’m excited to add yoga into the mix. Best part of the challenge? The longest video is 32 minutes, the videos are the perfect length to get some yoga in before work or school.

I also hope this yoga challenge will help me connect with myself spiritually. Yoga and meditation offer a sweet opportunity to turn inward and connect with the mind and body. Working out is great but it doesn’t give me the opportunity to slow down and connect with my body the way yoga does.

Finally, I hope to be inspired! This year is all about discovering my goals and setting myself on the path to achieving them. Pushing myself to do this challenge is a way to motivate myself in other areas of my life, the time I spend on the mat is a time of reflection that helps me step back from my nonstop day and look at the bigger picture of where I am and where I want to be. I hope that motivating myself to do this challenge will help me be a more proactive person, I am a procrastinator by nature, but setting the intention to practice everyday will help me cultivate the ability to motivate myself.



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