Colorado Cannabis Diaries- Week 1

Five days in and I’ve already had some great adventures in Colorado Springs. I’ve seen so much that has blown my mind, I’m amazed by the natural beauty that fills every inch of Colorado Springs.

14,115 feet on Pikes Peak.


I’ve never even seen mountains before!

But forget all that, how’s the bud?

My mom told me before I left that my first visit to a dispensary will be like a kid in a candy store. She was right. In fact two of the employees came up and told me just that. And I didn’t mind it one bit. I really was blown away. I can just, like, buy this stuff? Legally?

It was a Friday afternoon and the dispensary we picked was full of people rushing around picking out their green goodies. I was awestruck. I don’t think I’ve ever been around so many cannabis-enthusiasts.

Sample jars of the various strains were on a large table in the center so you could smell and view your bud before you buy. What caught my attention was the wall lined with all sorts of edibles.

But then reality set in, as its fat head always does. Cannabis is expensive. I paid twice the amount I am used to. But I was proud of my restraint, I kept it under 200.

Pre 98 Bubba. Hints of purple with a heavy dusting of keif.


I got 2 ounces of Pre 98 Bubba. A sativa I kept calling Buddha. It is 22-36% THC. I don’t know if that’s a lot but it is definitely some beautiful bud. Oh so dusty. It has a light appealing smell to it as well. How’s the high? Not bad. Definitely a clear head high; light, somewhat exhilarating, happy. The only drawback is that the high doesn’t last too long, I’ve noticed after about 40 minutes I’m coming down. But it is a light, nice high with a smooth taste to it.


Plus I don’t have an overwhelming case of the munchies. Bless sativa.

The next strain I bought was Purple Diesel. This one I really likey. The smell is

Purple Diesel. Pretty orange hairs, hints of purple and plenty of keif.


wonderful. Now I like my bud to smell like bud, some people love the smell of Lemon Haze and other fruity strains, but I love the haughty smell of some fine marijuana. The smell isn’t overpowering, just right. It has a lot of beautiful little hairs to it as well as a fine dusty coating. I love the high this sativa strain has to offer.

It pumps me up man. It gets me going. The clear head high motivates me to get up and get active. Overall Purple Diesel is a happy little strain that I’d love to take out on a hike.

Last but surely not least, I got some gummies. The gummies out in Colorado are infamous for a powerful high. I grabbed some Wana sour indica gummies that were 10mg THC each.

Wana indica gummies, 10 for $25. This pack of 10 had a total of 100mg THC, 10 mg in each gummy.


These were some sneaky little suckers. It was hard to predict when these would kick in, each time I ate one was a little different; the time it kicked it was variable and so was the high. Sometimes I could tell when they were setting in, with a nice little build-up-high leading to a really nice clear high. I love edibles. I prefer them and often make my own. I usually only ate one at a time but I found that, usually, the high was not as strong compared to the edibles I make myself. Next time I will get something stronger but I did really enjoy these. For me, the edibles-high is so different from smoking- no munchies just a clear, enjoyable high with an intoxicating case of the laughs.

My first experience at a dispensary was everything I thought it would be (minus the high prices). In the future however, I am going to find an alternative to paying almost triple what I’m used to. It’s no wonder this industry has already made billions.