First Pieces of Finished Pottery!

I’m so excited to see my first finished pieces of pottery! These pieces were the first time I experimented with trimming and adding some character to my piece like the uneven lip of the blue pot. I was so happy to get my finished pieces I went out and bought some flowers to put in them! These are some of my very first pieces and it’s great to see the progress I’ve made, I have more pieces I am working on trimming and getting ready to bisque. I love the pink and green colors of the second, but I still haven’t decided what to do with it (glorified pencil holder? :).


My First Pieces of Pottery!

My first, second and third pieces of pottery! These pieces are pretty rough but you can see I’ve made progress from a small dish (hm, I’m thinking a planter stand or an ash tray) to a cylinder. These pieces show my progress building up walls, which took quite a bit of time and quite a few ruined pieces to get the hang of. I am so excited to be learning pottery and I can’t wait to fire and glaze these!

It’s Getting Dry in Here. Week 1

It has been one week since I hung up my peppermint and basil to dry. I’m surprised by how quickly my peppermint has dried out. I think that if I were to pinch a leaf it would crumble off so I might not dry it out for three full weeks. My basil on the other hand still has a good amount of moisture in it. I thought there would be a strong, lovely earthy smell but nada. Oh well. One week down and two more to go!

I am drying out my beautiful plants to make tea and incense! Adding peppermint to tea is beneficial for your immune system, digestion, and overall relaxation. Peppermint tea is a great way to kick start the day. I was surprised that basil could be added to tea but I learned that it is a great way to keep your lady cycle happy and healthy!

As incense, burning peppermint at the end of a stressful day is a good way to unwind. Also, many metaphysical believers burn peppermint and basil as a way to attract good fortune into your life… I have college debt so I’d like to attract as much green as I possibly can $$$20160906_154034